Marotta is a quiet town on the shores of the Adriatico Sea, located between the nearby and more famous city of Fano e Senigallia.

Bandiera blu 2011

The clean sea and, BANDIERA BLU since 2011, has until the first dry, a low sandy bottom that allows water to comfortable hiking with recognized benefits for blood circulation in the legs or children to play safely.
Besides the first dry instead you can swim in water at will gradually deeper until, for the most highly swimmers, the submerged reef.

Water Activities that can be done safely under the watchful eye of experienced lifeguards well distributed both in the public beach and private.
Sea with clean water, low for a few meters, with sandy bottom, perfect for healthy walks, off slightly deeper, but protected by reefs, for wonderful swimming.

Castello di Mondolfo
Logo Borghi piè belli d'Italia

Mondolfo è un borgo rinascimentale ricco di storia, siti archeologici, bellezze artistiche, dell’antico Ducato di Urbino, uno dei Borghi più belli d’Italia (inserire logo dei borghi più belli d’Italia), racchiuso nella duplice cinta muraria progettata dal grande architetto Francesco di Giorgio Martini.
Dal locale Archeoclub vengono organizzate, visite guidate, numerose iniziative in campo archeologico, storico, artistico, architettonico, archivistico, religioso, naturalistico e turistico, nonché incontri con studiosi, mostre, convegni, pubblicazioni e presentazioni di libri, laboratori didattici, seminari di studio, viaggi d’istruzione.

It ‘easy to reach by car from the highway autostradale “Marotta-Mondolfo” that easily directs visitors to the sea.

The Cristoforo Colombo waterfront, on which directly overlooks the Camping, is provided with a bike path and a wide sidewalk, allowing for pleasant walks or bike rides, enjoying the morning, the magnificent spectacle of the sun rising from the sea, the fresh, clean and healthy sea air.

An ideal base for beach tourism and excellent starting point for discovering the Marche, a region with the right balance between sea, mountains and hills.